In need of courier services?

We have a simple, amazing, inclusive and reliable courier model that enhances delivery of documents, packages, goods, pallets among others using our nationwide network of couriers to yield unmatched satisfaction.


What's Sail Courier?

  • Sail Courier is dynamic professional courier service company offering same day courier, light haulage, pallet delivery and economic courier whilst using its vast reliable channels and unmatched technology.

  • The company’s philosophy is hinged on the desire to be available to all as and when the call for service arises while rendering a reliable service upon call in a consistent way.

Why Use the Sail Courier App?

Our business model dwells on the 3 pillars of Availability, Reliability and Consistency.

  • Available

    Through our vast network of Agents, we are just next to you. We pride ourselves in the great merchant network that enhances our receipt of parcels and onward dispatch.

  • Reliable

    Through our technologically backed solutions, agents, guest and couriers, we are able to ensure reliable service to all our clients at all times.

  • Consistent

    Our service is through dedicated channels coupled with our gain flagship rhyme, “for you, for us” which is a win-win model.

How it works

Install the App

Download the Sail Courier App today as either as a client, agent or courier from the App Store

Enter your details

Let us know your phone number and other details so that we can identify with you easier.

Enjoy the app features!

Order for delivery of item, document, package, good or pallet. Track your order along the way too

You Could Be A Courier

  • At Sail Courier, we believe everyone can be a courier. Wherever you are, just download the App and register to the desired category.

Become An Agent

  • As an Agent, you only need to have an accessible, secure and fixed location of operation or residence where parcels can be dropped and picked. Upon the dispatch, your commission shall automatically be credited to your account.

Be the Guest

  • As a guest courier, download the Sail Courier App from the App store, register as a guest..

  • You will be notified of any parcels along your route for pick up and drop off.

You can Trust Us

  • All our orders are tracked and insured.

Pricing Metrics

0 -20 kg


  • This is the price per km
  • Low Risk Item
  • If order is made during a peak hour, the price may be subject to change.

20 -50 kg


  • This is the price per km
  • Low Risk Item
  • If order is made during a peak hour, the price may be subject to change.

50 - 100 kg


  • This is the price per km
  • Low Risk Item
  • If order is made during a peak hour, the price may be subject to change.

Is your order is above 100kg? Contact Us


Download the Sail Courier App, register as client, input details of the item for collection, delivery destination, weight among others and place an order for the desired courier.

The package or item will be picked in an average time depending on the nearest courier assigned to you.

If the package has been sent and no order was made for door step delivery, you will receive notification with a reference of the arrival of the package at the nearest Agency point in your area. If you desire to have the package sent to your door step, you may place an order for dispatch from the Agent using your reference number.

You may make payments using mobile money, cash on order or delivery..

The agent in your area shall have clearly marked signages. You could also use the Sail Courier App to locate the nearest agent near you.